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Publications by the CDSL


All of the CDSL members publish actively within the CDSL academic fields of interest. A list of publications for each member can be found at the respective individual pages. Anyone interested is also welcome to visit VUB's online Research Explorer service (search possible, among others, by researcher's name or research topic/keyowrds), which is automaticall updated and includes the latest updates.

The CDSL aims, to the greatest extent possible, to provide its publications under an open access policy.

PhD supervision

CDSL offers supervision to PhD projects within any of its academic fields of interest


For more information please contact us.




Featured publications

The CDSL Working Paper Series


CDSL Working Papers have been drafted by CDSL researchers and are made available via the CDSL website in order to promote academic exchange and discussion. They do not warrant fitness for any purpose and their contents should be treated at all times as work in progress.


  • Vagelis Papakonstantinou and Paul de Hert, Big Data Analytics in Electronic Communications: A Reality in need of Granular Regulation (even if this includes an interim period of no regulation at all), CDSL Working Paper 1/2019, pdf filedownload (520 KB)
  • Paul de Hert and Vagelis Papakonstantinou, Framing Big Data in the Council of Europe and the EU data protection law systems: Adding "should" to "must" via soft law to address more than only individual harms, CDSL Working Paper 2/2020, pdf filedownload (728 KB)
  • Franck Dumortier, L’obligation de sécurité des données personnelles : vers un standard de «diligence digitale»?, pdf fileCDSL Working Paper 3/2021 (643 KB),