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Pantelis Velanas

Scientific Collaborator, Researchers / Scientific Collaborators
+32 2 629 24 60


Dr. Pantelis Velanas received the B.S. degree in physics, the M.Sc. degree in telecommunications and the Ph.D. in photonics from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, in 2000, 2002 and 2009, respectively, and he has worked at the same university as a researcher in Optical Communication Laboratory, participating in several FP6 and FP7 EU projects (OCCULT, WAPITI, E-photon 1, BONE). From 2007 he has worked as a R&D project manager in numerous companies (e.g., Intracom Telecom SA - SARDANA, ACCORDANCE, KONNEKTABLE LTD – SPHINX, ENERGYSHIELD, PALAEMON, NAIADES, TRACK & KNOW) and research institutes (e.g. ICCS – INTETRANSIT, PPDR, RECONASS, ZONESEC, CERTH – FORTIKA, SMILE, NOTREMOR, COMPOSITION) in Greece. During 2015, Dr Pantelis Velanas was the project manager of an ESA project (PO-4000113070), and acted as the main contact person between the Agency and the Greek Contractor. Nowadays Dr Pantelis Velanas is the the founder of ACCELIGENCE ltd and works as a Honorary Research Fellow in European University of Cyprus. Pantelis has acted as a Quality and Information Security manager in several companies in the past. He has published more than 14 papers in Conference Proceedings and Journals. He is the coordinator of METICOS (BES-01-2019) and the Innovation Manager of KYKLOS 4.0 (DT-ICT-07-2019).