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NUTRIshield award and kick-off meeting

  • November 7, 2018

The Nutrishield project Kick-off Meeting took place on November 7th & 8th, 2018 in Neuchâtel (Switzerland). ALPES, as the Project Coordinator, successfully hosted and organised the meeting at its premises, and set the basis for a fruitful collaboration. All project partners participated via their representatives, who contributed to the meeting with interesting and informative presentations.

NUTRISHIELD is an EU funded H2020 project. NUTRISHIELD aims at creating a personalised platform for the young. The platform will consist of novel methods & techniques, which analyse a wide range of biomarkers related to nutrition and health disorders. Based on findings, the platform then uses ICT, by expanding existing nutrition assistive mobile apps, in order to provide feedback and steering people towards a better nutrition. This takes into account the way each person responds to different nutrients and food types, by also analysing phenotype, genome expression, microbiome composition, health condition, mental & psychological condition, as well as financial capabilities for procuring food.

NUTRIshield team