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CPDP2022: The CDSL panel on "Can law be determinate in an indeterminate world?"

CDSL will be hosting a panel in this year's CPDP. In line with CPDP's title ("Data Protection and Privacy in Transitional Times") our own panel will discuss whether "law can be determinate in an indeterminate world".


This topic will be discussed by a series of distinguished speakers: Indra Spiecker gen. Döhmann, Goethe University (DE); Giovanni Sartor, EUI (IT); Sophie Stalla-Bourdillon, University of Southampton (UK); Dara Hallinan, FIZ Karlsruhe (DE).


The panel will be moderated by CDSL's Vagelis Papakonstantinou.



25 May 2022 from 8:45 to 8:45 Add to personal calendar