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Big Data and Cybersecurity in China and the EU

  • November 27, 2018

CDSC and the Brussels Privacy Hub has organised a full-day workshop on “Big Data and Cybersecurity in China and the EU: Identifying points of convergence and future cooperation”, on 27 November 2018. The workshop elaborated upon the notions of Big Data and Cybersecurity, as perceived and used in China and in the EU. Both notions are of central importance: In China, its Cybersecurity Law was enacted in July 2017, raising international interest on its approach to this topic. In the EU, cybersecurity constitutes a crucial part of its Digital Single Market strategy, with a number of relevant legislative instruments currently found at various stages of implementation. Because both China and the EU are major players in the international digital field, common understanding is urgently required on such central topics. This workshop aims at bringing together experts from both sides, in order to identify points of convergence as well as opportunities for future cooperation.

The  workshop was attended by EU and Chinese high-profile experts specialists in the fields of cybersecurity and data privacy law. It was organised with the support of the VUB Confucius Institute, under its 2018 call for research activities.